General Statement

The purpose of this is to offer empirical research informat found when made available. Its primary purpose is to use the data collected to answer the research question(s) posed in the introduction, even if the findings challenge the hypothesis. The Results section should also describe other pertinent discoveries, trends, or insights revealed by analysis of the raw data. Typical structure of the Results section in an empirical research paper: Data Analysis. In some disciplines, the Results section begins with a description of how the researchers analyzed their data; in other disciplines, however, this information appears at the end of the Method section and need not be repeated.


The researchers can describe how they transformed data to facilitate analysis (e.g. converting audio recordings to transcripts). They might mention what software or statistical procedures they used to analyze and interpret the data, or they might explain how they developed coding categories for a qualitative analysis. If there was missing data, they should describe how their analysis took that into account. Findings.